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Drupal Website Models - New Book Relaunch

Drupal Website Models is an ideas book for web application users and builders. The book illustrates how to use the Drupal framework to build highly effective web projects. Drupal Website Models identifies the popular web architectures and the business models behind them and illustrates how these may be implemented with the Drupal web development framework.

Drupal Website Models is for the Drupal user, developer, and IT manager. The book is not technical; it is more of a project planning tool to determine how it is possible to make Drupal work for specific project types. In the major chapters, the book identifies the popular web architecture models as well as the business models commonly applied in each case and illustrates how they are implemented in the Drupal framework. The book suggests the essential add-ons that can make implementation of each project category easy. Drupal Website Models follows up with examples of live websites in each category, including screenshots of the model.

This book is aimed at students , hobbyists and business owners who would like to test the Drupal platform and to see if it meets their immediate and future business needs for a Web application.

Chapter Headings:

Chapter 1 - Introduction/Website Planning Considerations
Chapter 2 - Aficionados Websites
Chapter 3 - Blog Websites
Chapter 4 - Corporate Websites
Chapter 5 - e-Commerce Websites
Chapter 6 - Newspaper and Magazine Websites
Chapter 7 - Personal Websites
Chapter 8 - Educational Websites
Chapter 9 - Social Network Websites
Chapter 10- Travel Websites
Chapter 11 - Monetizing the Website
Chapter 12 - General Concepts and Features
Appendix Other Resources

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About the author

Timi Ogunjobi is a Technical Writer, Web Developer and Open Source evangelist. Trained as an engineer, Timi has been developing Web applications in several frameworks for more than 7 years and has also been writing for more than a decade on a wide variety of topics. Timi is the principal of Websesame, a software development and technical writing company. Timi’s other Drupal books include Drupal 6 Site Blueprints by Packt Publishing . Timi balances his time between programming, reviewing, writing, and contributing to interesting Web-based projects and also community projects in Africa. When he isn't working (which isn't that often) he enjoys playing jazz guitar and getting involved in outdoor activities, principally cricket, golf, and swimming

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