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Instant Websites

"Instant Websites" are compact pre-configured web applications, which make it so easy for you to create and set up difficult web sites .If you are able to perform a basic installation of your web framework (Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla!) , upload some standard add-ons and follow a set of simple instructions , you can get a very useful web site running in less than one hour !

What they contain
"Instant Websites" contain:
1. Every required add-on . Just upload to relevant location.
2. Sql data file with sample data. Just upload
3. One page simple and easy to follow instruction . Less than 10 lines actually !
5. Use it for one site ; use it for several. Nothing more to pay !

Additional Services
"Instant Websites" are simple profiles, which you may easily modify and build on. Otherwise we are able to create bespoke configurations to fit your specific requirement.

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