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Is Drupal 7 useful yet ?

My last review of the new Drupal 7 was rather cursory and I merely looked at the new release from the point of view and distrust of a salt-coated seadog perusing a modern ocean liner. So that review might have been quite biased as it puts habit in competition with progress. Quite naturally habit will win all of the time. To me Drupal 6 had become a habit, and habits do not die easily.
But has my opinion changed since then? I decided to take a much closer look and the result was , a site that I constructed for my hobby. Sadly ,my verdict is still that Drupal 7 does not offer anything new in the way of experience for the user.

To a developer also I fail to see much of benefit beyond the ability to install new themes and modules directly from the browser. Now Frontpage is a module that I cherish so much. It enables you to create splash pages for each user role. Sadly it is not yet available and I have had to use a node as my front page which is just a drag. Happily however the annoying overlay I found could be switched off., but some themes which used to have exciting Suckerfish menus have not yet ported the menu into Drupal 7 alongside the new theme. Can't blame them ; this is always thankless work. This of course is not much of a problem for a developer who knows what he is doing. Actually a lot of other great modules are not yet in Drupal 7 releases. I doubt if Ubercart will have a reliable Drupal 7 version for another 2 years as they are still ironing the kinks out of the Drupal 6 releases. I have also been unable to get a decent module for meta tags in your node and which will not mess up your taxonomies.

So should you use Drupal 7 yet? Depends on what you want to do with it really. If it is just to build a simple site as I have done at, its cool. However if you are going to get adventurous, do get ready to roll up your sleeves to get extremely dirty with code.