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Hi; My name is Timi and I am the owner of websesame.

My passion is creating websites of all type and for all platforms. My forte is working with Drupal, Joomla!, Wordpress, Moodle, SMF and phpBB . Notwithstanding however, I have been known to solve web application problems that many never thought that I could. So , don't be afraid to ask me if I could. I have also got some very intelligent partners here with me at the office and there is hardly any kind of programming problem that they have not collectively encountered before one way or the other.

After building web applications, my next passion is writing books about creating web sites. Search online booksellers and the shelves of a reputable bookshop near you for some of my books . Look for author Timi Ogunjobi or Rotimi Ogunjobi.

OK, back to web development. If you're looking to get a great job done ,you've come to the right site. Just send a description of your project to me at and I will get back to you in a jiffy ! You were really just looking ? Never mind you can chat with me if you like ; email me at

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Thank you for visiting.